Floodlight Cam Strobing & Going Offline

I purchased a certified refurb wired Spotlight Cam in October and finally got it installed a few days ago. I am having two issues:

Once a day since installed the camera has gone offline for several hours, inevitably late at night. I only noticed because that caused the lights to strobe and my neighbors are getting upset. I also have a doorbell & Spotlight Cam that have not gone offline. Floodlight is 20ft from my router & Spotlight is 80ft. No other connected devices have gone offline & my router does not show any failures in connectivity. When this occurs pressing the reset button, 30sec hard reset and power down by shutting off the breaker does not reset the camera. The camera will go back online by itself 3-5 hours later. I know this by looking at the timeline in the app. I have sufficient wi-fi & power to the device.

Second issue is that when the camera IS operational the Spotlights strobe when turned on rather that showing continuous light. Same whether they are motion-activated or I turn them on in the app.

Any suggestions? Do I have a faulty device?


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I have the same issue on 2 of my floodlight cameras. 1 immediately turns the light back on as soon as it cycles off and the other strobes constantly. Both purchased brand new.

Well, turns out it was my wiring. I checked it one more time and found an issue. Junction I was wiring to is a mess so this did prompt me to straighten it out. So far so good. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

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Hey, @Rhampton67. Glad to hear that you were able to figure this out!