Floodlight cam solar - how long will the battery last?

Hello, kind of going betwen getting hard wired floodlight cams vs. getting solar floodlight cams. The solar would be much easier since no electrician needed… my question do the batteries need to be replaced often on these units? How long do they last in general? Thanks

Hey @Jxp6262. Depending on usage, most neighbors with two batteries in the Spotlight Cam Battery with a Solar Panel seem to have it last them anywhere between 4-6 months. If you have more sunlight for longer times in the day that is hitting the panel, they will help decrease the time in between charges, and if you are having no more than 10-20 events as day, as more would be seen as excessive usage. Also, the Spotlight Cam Battery can hold two batteries, so I recommend ensuring you have two in at all times, and having two extras, so that way when both of them are low you can swap it out with two fully charged and ready to go batteries! :slight_smile:

Thank you, so the batteries are no good and need to be replaced twice a year? So 60$ per solar light cam per year?

Does the app show battery life so i would know when or which of the 2 batteries is in need of replacing?

i am trying to weigh costs of using the hardwire flood lights or use the solars.

@Jxp6262 Sorry for my confusion! By swap out and replace the batteries with fresh ones, I mean to recharge it and possibly have spare ones on the side, so you can have those already charged. The battery that comes with the device and that you can get more of are rechargeable, and the life of a fully charged one could range from lasting that long on a full 8 hour charge. My apologizes if I made it seem like a one and done battery.

For the Spotlight Cam Battery, it will show the battery % in the app and that should be updated daily. You will also get a notification when the battery is low in app. In the app, if you get two batteries, it will show you the % for each of them. In addition, one battery will be used to about 20% before the second battery is used to 20%, and after that both are used if two are installed. It’s up to you how often you want to switch them out, but personally if you install it with two batteries, I would swap out the two when they’re both at 20%, and swap it out with two other fully charged batteries so you don’t have to have downtime while the original two are charging.

Hope this gives you a more in-depth understanding of how it works, and I definitely recommend it so you do not have to deal with wiring!