Floodlight cam slow to react

I have had a floodlight camera for about 18 months. A couple months ago, it was disabled by a guest taking it down. Since then, it is meaningfully less sensitive (even turned all the way up) than it was prior to being removed from the wall. I have reset it in the app, and the WiFi is strong. Any idea why this would happen, or what I can do to fix it? I have checked the zones, etc.

Previously, it would turn on for crows in the driveway, now, it sometimes misses cars.

Hi @user67690. Motion detection concerns are largely resolved by adjusting the settings. This includes the Motion Zones and Motion Sensitivity. We have more information about motion detection here. The only other thing that could be impacting the motion detection would be how your Floodlight Cam is installed. If it’s installed too high or angled downward too much, this would negatively impact motion detection.