Floodlight cam setup

I have 2 floodlight cams which I removed in 2021 when I moved house . They have been in garage and other day I thought I would finally git them . Wired and screwed to walls . When to ring all setup and it’s asking for the qr codes , I’ve looked all over the cameras but nothing except bar codes and I no longer have the boxes or booklets . How can I set them up in app now ?? HELP

It should be on the bottom side of the camera itself, unless you rotated the camera upside down? Maybe a few pics to confirm top and bottom of the camera?

That’s all sides of camera and also the only other label on unit , both units have same lables on each , no qr code anywhere

Inside of unit

Looking at the mobile app, when adding a device, the default option is to scan the QR code, but there’s “Other Options” at the bottom of the screen that let’s you scan a barcode or or manually enter a code. Have you tried that on the mobile app?

Will try that tomorrow

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