Floodlight Cam Scheduling

I installed a Floodlight cam which seems to have some time offset. I have the lights scheduled to come on at 6 PM and turn off at 6 AM. I also have motion alerts paused during daytime hours when we let the dog outside. The floodlight seems to turn on/off and the motion alerts pause, just not at the appropriate time. While I am not certain, it appears the schedules are being acted upon 3 hours early. I have power cycled the floodlight, deleted & re-entered schedules and checked device health re: firm upgrades without any change. I have one other floodlight & 3 doorbell 2’s at this location which all follow their schedule. I have called Ring Support but they were not too helpful. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

TIA - Tom

I’m having the same problem here with a Floodlight Cam. I have the lights scheduled to come on at 5pm and turn off at 10pm, but they turn on in the morning and off in the afternoon. Seems to be some sort of time offset.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Power cycle

  • Reset to factory defaults

  • Delete and reset light schedule

All the other Floodlight Cams and Floodlights on my system turn on/off at the right times.


I just tried to offset my on/off times, and this seems to be working. You can find your offset by adjusting the on time hour and saving your schedule until the lights turn on, then the difference from that time to the current time is your offset. Looks like my floodlight is off by 8 hours (or 16 depending on which way you go):

Current Settings:

Turn on at 1:00am (really tuns on at 5:00pm)

Turn off at 6:00am (really turns off at 10:00pm)

I guess this will work for now…

@ CJWessing

We are having the same issue. Tried to set the on time at 6pm, off at 11pm. Woke up in the morning and the lights were on. Thought if I did 6am on, 11 am off that would trick it to working at night, but no go.

@ Ring Team - is this a firmware fix or are we out of luck for programming a proper light schedule?