Floodlight cam requires powering off/on to get image

Have a brand new Floodlight 2 system. Since installation about 10 days ago, I am frequently unable to get a live image. I am getting motion alerts during this time but can’t get an image. Due to the location of the camera, it is easier for me to cut the power than to hit reset button. After power cycle, I am able to access camera until the next time issue occurs.

Hey @srwillet, have you check you Floodlight Cam’s Device Health in the Ring app? You will want to see what the RSSI is for the device, as this indicates connection strength needed for loading the Live View. You can learn more about this in our Community post here.

RSSI is -14 the the last few times I checked. Located very close to my Google wifi puck. I think it is more an issue of it locking up or freezing than signal strength. Not consistent. Actually working fine today.

Appreciate your reply and any suggestions you may have.

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