Floodlight Cam - Purple Tint

Hello! For months now our floodlight cam video has a purple tint to it. I’ve tried all of the turn it off and back on, disconnecting it completely from power, none of the trouble shooting I have tried has worked. I saw some people say that a filter is stuck and it requires more involvement of taking the light apart. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and If you were able to fix it. I don’t know if I’d still be covered under any type of warranty as I’ve had the cam awhile but I hate to spend all that money on a new one.

Hey @megandamon4. Could you show us a screenshot of what this purple tint looks like? Another step you can try is to removing the Camera from your account, reset it by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, and then setting it up again. Please ensure you save all videos you may need, as they will be gone when you delete the camera from your account. Let me know if that steps also helps out! :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a purple tint on my floodcam for a while also. I did the reset by deleting it and pushing the reset button and reinstalling, but it’s still purple.

My Floodlight Cam has a distinct yellow tint. I’ve had it installed for 13 months. Went through all the steps, and it’s still not fixed for working correctly.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! If you’ve already attempted the reset steps suggested above to no avail, this may require a close look from our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Something like this?!? Did anyone find a fix for this or does it mean replace? (The purple areas should be bright green)

I have 2 floodlight cams from Ring: one at my garage, another at the front door. My garage floodlight cam has turned purple during the day like many of you. The front is fine. After a VERY frustrating call with Ring ‘support’ if you can call it that (lady was not informed at all, just running off a script). After doing the whole reset button for 20 seconds and re-pairing didn’t work, and then subsequently shutting main power for 10 seconds, It was still doing the purple video during daytime as before. No improvement. She wanted me to buy a whole new unit for $250. I couldn’t just buy the camera part by itself. After having hung up in frustration and having feel duped into $250 for a floodlight cam that seemingly only lasted 2 years, I calmed down and went into troubleshooting mode.

I figured my front cam still works fine, so what is different between them. In-app settings are the same, so it must be physical. Looking closely at the problem one, I noticed that I could see the IR LEDs over the camera. Went to the front door, there is a tint filter over them. AH HA! The difference is that somewhere along the line the little tint filter covering the top half of the camera surround was missing. THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!

So now, how do I go about finding where to get a replacement IR filter tape tint for this? That has to be the problem. A few cents worth of IR filter tint tape.

@RING_support: How do we get replacement IR tint stickers?