Floodlight Cam Pro (Wired) - Solar Power Conversion

I am working on a project and I wanted to see if anyone has successfully done it before. I have a Ring Floodlight Cam Pro Wired and I am currently trying to mod it for Solar connectivity. My plan is this:

  1. No modification of Floodlight cam or any ring products, all mods done only to the power source that it will be wired to, relax ring employee team no broken rules lol.

  2. Panel has built in 15,000mAh battery bank in the back casing behind the panel.

  3. Aftermarket solar panel - Outputs: 12v, 9v, 6v, usb-c. Inputs: 5v

  4. I plan to plug the floodlight cam into the internal battery bank, just as you would when hardwiring into an electrical unit.

  5. Separate adapter for multiple different types of plugs that converts/directs the signal as necessary based on what is plugged in and how many devices.

As far as the FL Cam would know, it is hardwired as instructed, just not to my house but rather power bank. Anything I should keep in mind or any advice? The only reason I could see this not working is if Ring has some kind of safety installed to prevent this specific workaround.

I have looked everywhere and I have only seen 1 post related to someone trying something similar and he was successful, but he didn’t share his exact setup, just that he was able to convert a wired ring floodlight cam to accept Solar by using a separate portable battery bank.

Any input or advice would be appreciated.

Hi @Thunderwolf6. I have not heard of this type of modification. Keep in mind, that depending on how you go about this, you could potentially void the warranty of the device.

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