Floodlight Cam Pro - Nightvision Motion Recording - No Lights

I want to replace some existing wired floodlights with the Floodlight Cam Pro but want to make sure that motion recording can be configured WITHOUT the lights turning on. I do not want to disturb neighbors. It would also be nice to do this based on a schedule so that there are times that I want the lights to turn on with motion recording and times that I do not.

Separately. Will the floodlight cam pro do 24/7 recording like the doorbell cam along with showing the motion events in the timeline?

Hi @Fallsgrove. Yes, you are able to disable the lights from activating with motion detection. We also have Lights Schedules, which allows you to keep the lights on or off during the time frames you set up. As for the Event History Timeline feature, that is available for all of our Cameras and Doorbells. All of our Cameras and Doorbells will only record videos when activated by events such as motions, rings, or live views. You can find more information regarding the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro on our Help Center page here.

Thank you. One point of clarification. If you disable the lights from activating with motion detection it will still record with nightvision with motion detection correct?

@Fallsgrove Yes that is correct. :slightly_smiling_face: