Floodlight Cam Pro - Light On All Night

I have a Floodlight Cam Pro that’s been installed for a couple weeks. The lights stay on all night long. I have motion sensing turned to OFF and have no light schedules set up for dusk to dawn operation. Is there a setting I’m missing? I’d like the lights off all the time with the exception of when I manually turn lights on through the app. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

You should be able to go into Light Schedule and dictate the hours the light will absolutely not be allowed to come on - even if there is motion.

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I have same problem. The first night I installed it. I find it constantly turn on and turn off. I have to disabled the turn on light based on motion to stop this. Not sure if I should return it or configured something wrong.

Hi there, neighbors! When the Floodlight Cam Pro is setup successfully in the Ring app, and online, the lights should not remain on continuously, unless scheduled to do so. I recommend checking for any linked devices in your Ring app that may be triggering lights, or even Smart Lighting Groups and linked devices, if you have Ring Smart Lighting.

Please also ensure there are not environmental factors, such as objects setting off too much motion. Fine tuning motion settings helps, as well as checking for heat sources nearby that might be triggering lights without motion detecting. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: