Floodlight Cam Pro - flood not coming on during motion and has a row of red lights on

Occasionally the flood light doesn’t light during motion. When that happens, I can see a row of red lights lit on the front of the camera. What does this row of red lights mean?? The wifi signal is a little weak on this device, could that be why the red lights, and would that keep the flood light from lighting on??

Hi @Larles. The lights on your Floodlight Cam should come on each time motion is detected, as long as it is dark outside. If this isn’t the case for you, I have shared some troubleshooting tips in a similar thread here that you can try. The red lights don’t have any correlation with the wifi signal, they are the infrared LEDs used for night vision on your recordings and Live View at night. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. As it turns out since I was having RSSI issues anyway I bought an extender and after getting a better connection the problem went away.
I did have a problem after that where the lights were coming off and on by themselves with no motion. I had to drop the light sensitivity level down to a much lower level and that cleared the problem.
Thanks again

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@Larles I’m glad to hear everything is working now, and you were able to resolve both the connection and light sensitivity concerns. :slight_smile: