Floodlight Cam Pro and outdoor ceiling fan a problem?

I am a veteran setting up a complete ring system for my house. The Doorbell Pro2 and the floodlight cam pro are on backorder - just my luck. Side note: I appreciate Ring giving me a 20% discount for my service. Thank you.

I need some experienced folks here to weigh in on my configuration. The back of my home has a covered 12X12 deck at the corner. I want my floodlight cam Pro - CEILING MOUNTED - to look across this deck and then down the 3 steps next to the back wall out over the patio and all the windows in the back. Maybe a 25-30 foot run. I have read about everything and could set this up easily IF and when my devices actually get here.

Potential problem, or is it:
My covered deck has a ceiling fan. I only run the fan when I am out on the deck and at that time I could care less about anything the Cam would report since I am there. When I am in the house or gone the fan is not operating. However; on a windy day the gusts can frequently cause the blades to slowly spin around. These blades would be in the covered area of the Cam Pro. My double slider is on this deck and I need 100% coverage of the space since its about 90 percent certain to be the entrance a “bad guy” would attack to get in.

If I set the Cam Pro to the highest setting “People only” would the fan be ignored in this setup? The cam will be in the ceiling at the corner furthest from the house and sort of looking in and along the back wall. That is the plan anyway.

Can a few weigh in with your thoughts? Moving my setup is possible but would be quite inconvenient.

Sorry I needed to ask a follow question to the above configuration.

The Cam Pro above would have the fan blades EXCLUDED from the zone it is monitoring via my setting up the zone area for the device.

If I place the cam pro at that outer corner the device will also be pointed somewhat at my double slider while it mostly looks down the back wall of the home. When I set my “zone” for that device if I don’t include the slider (say I stop the zone 2 feet short of the slider in the definition of the area), will someone walking up to the glass/screen of the sliding door - INSIDE THE HOUSE - remain outside the motion alert? The kitchen area on the other side of that double door is an active area in our home.

I really wish I could place the Cam Pro on the wall above the double doors but the house has a 4 foot wide bay window and that would mean all the windows on the other side of the bay window could not be monitored unless I added another device. No electric there yet.

Please help me by extending your personal experiences here. I see numerous reads of this thread but no opinions at this point.

Your customization of the Motion Zones is a great call, and will help the most to avoid unnecessary motion detection. The fan should not cause a motion detection if excluded from zone, as long as it is also not reflecting light when spinning. In any sense there are settings to refine your motion alerts for people only.

As for the sliding entry door, the reflectiveness and angle of that will also make a difference in whether someone on the other side would be detected. Check back here to see what other neighbors share success with, or similar solutions for. :slight_smile: