Floodlight Cam Plus - floodlight turns off after 30 seconds no matter how I configure it. Is it broken?

This is getting a little frustrating. I have a Floodlight Cam Plus and would like the lights to stay on for 3 minutes but no matter what I do, they keep turning off after 30 seconds.

I have tried placing it in a lighting group with a Floodlight Wired (no cam, just floodlight) and made sure that the shutoff timer in the light group AND in the Floodlight Cam Plus settings are all set to 3 minutes but the Floodlight Cam ignores that and turns off after 30 seconds. In the app the status of the light group shows ON and the regular Floodlight stays on for 3 minutes but the Floodlight Cam still turns off after 30 seconds.

BTW, strangely enough, if I set the Floodlight Cam Plus shutoff timer to 5 minutes, it does sometimes stay on for 5 minutes, but for whatever strange reason it has an aversion to the 3 minute setting.

Any suggestions? Do the Floodlight Cams not work well in light groups with regular floodlights or other floodlight cams? I’ve tried removing it from the lighting group but that didn’t seem to fix it. Plus, I want all of my lights to turn on and off at the same time.

Hi @GuitarMan. What other lights are in your Light Group? If there are other lights in your Light Group that will only stay on for 30 seconds, the Floodlight Cam will follow those rules.

I have a wired Floodlight (non-cam) and the Floodlight Cam Plus. I have one other Floodlight Cam Plus which I’ve tried moving in and out of the group but it doesn’t make a difference. After much troubleshooting and testing here’s what I’ve discovered.

I have both lights AND the light group configured to stay on for 3 minutes.

If the floodlight cam plus detects motion, it will stay on for 3 minutes. However, if it is simply triggered because the wired floodlight detected motion but the floodlight cam plus did not, that’s when the floodlight cam plus shuts off after 30 seconds.

Basically, if the floodlight cam plus is the device that detects motion and triggers the light group to turn on, it will stay on for 3 minutes. But if either the other light in the group is the one that detects motion OR if the light group is triggered by one of my other cameras which I have linked to the group, the Floodlight Cam Plus will shut off after 30 seconds while the Wired Floodlight will stay on for the full 3 minutes everything is configured for.

I had a brief conversation on Reddit with someone else who is experiencing the exact same issue.

Hi @GuitarMan, happy to chime in here. I’m checking with my teams to verify the expected behavior in regards to the auto-shutoff setting for light groups. In the meantime, can you share a screenshot of what your Linked Devices settings look like?