Floodlight CAM PLUS Faded/ Washed Out Picture Quality - NON PINK ISSUE

Greetings Everyone- I have two Floodlight CAM G2s and a new Floodlight CAM PLUS. The G2s were installed a year ago and have excellent true to life color and video quality. The new Floodlight CAM PLUS that was just installed has washed out faded color and grainy picture quality. Not nearly as good as the G2s. I have all 3 CAMs mounted under eves, none are getting direct sun light and all have excellent signal strength. I got a warranty replacement for the PLUS and exact same issue. I read on another thread that the pitch of the camera may possibly be the root cause. Any help or truth to what may be the root cause and how to fix would be greatly appreciated.

I tried that and the PLUS was directly next to the WIFI router and had excellent signal strength. It was far better than the two G2s and still had exact same issue.

Hi @WATERSKIKS. Can you please share a screenshot or video example showing that your Floodlight Cam Plus has a washed out color or grainy picture quality? Additionally, what is the RSSI for this Camera? This would give me a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end so I can provide troubleshooting steps that may help.

Hello Caitlyn, I provided it prior to his in the thread and just now. it is the LAKE (EAST) video feed. You can clearly see the colors are more dull, (grayed out) and grainy. LAKE (WEST) and STREET are very vibrant in color tones and very clear. THE RSSI signal strength on the LAKE (EAST) was the best strength and I had a wifi extender 5’ away from the floodlight cam. It was at 52 and the other two were in the 60s but still gave much better picture quality and resolution. This was the exact same issue with the the original CAM and the warranty replacement. All 3 CAMs are mounted horizontally under an eve over hang, and the ONLY difference is that the older two CAMs were a G2 and the troubled picture quality was associated to a floodlight cam PLUS. I read in another thread that there may be an issue with the PLUS on the angle of the camera on this model and to adjust it to be aiming the cam higher to get a better elevation and less steep toward the immediate ground below. Another customer with the same problem claimed it fixed this exact issue.

Hi @WATERSKIKS. The quality of the video that you are seeing looks to be in good working order. Since all of your Floodlight Cams are placed in different locations and have different perspectives, the video can look slightly different. This has to do with the light and exposure of the camera. This Help Center article here has information on the proper positioning of your Floodlight Cam.


I have the same exact issue with my PRO floodlight. Original floodlight camera looked great, but this new model looks horrible. FloodLight Pro Washed out Picture

Having the Same issue here. Anyone find a resolution?

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