Floodlight Cam Plus Dusk Dawn Half Brightness Motion Full Brightness

I can seem to figure out how to get my new floodlight to act like my old one.

My old one didn’t have a camera but it would come on at night half power then when it detected motion it would go full brightness.

I figured out how to get the floodlight plus to come on at night with the schedule. But I can’t find a way for it to only come on at half brightness and then trigger full brightness with motion

I found the brightness slider and that works to keep it at half brightness at night but then motion doesn’t increase the brightness when triggered.

I also purchased the light bridge but haven’t installed it yet. Will that fix my issue?

Or do these floodlights not work like regular led motion floodlights?

Well I decided to install the bridge that I purchased because I thought it was supposed to my my floodlights smarter but it didn’t do anything.

I still can’t turn them on a half brightness at night and make them brighter with motion. Unless I’m just unable to find the right setting.

The Brightness Slider in the Ring app was the right setting to adjust. This will change the brightness, however, there is not a setting that will allow for different brightnesses on the Floodlight Camera based on event, at this time.

The Ring Smart Lighting will work somewhat the same way with lighting, although battery devices will vary in brightness based on a schedule to account for battery usage. Please note the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge does not control your Floodlight Camera, however, if you have Ring Smart Lighting devices, they can be linked together in a group.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile: