Floodlight cam plus: can the light shroud be removed and repositioned?

Hi all:

I have previously installed a floodlight cam at the front of my house without any issues. For the back yard, I just bought a floodlight cam PLUS and I am running into a little problem that I hope there is a solution for it. Here is the issue. The picture below shows how I mounted the floodlight cam at the front of the house:

I want the same setup in my back yard, but the PLUS floodlight cam light bulbs cannot be rotated like the original version. It now looks like this:


you can see that the light bulb shroud is upside down.

how do I rotate the bulb so the top of the shroud is properly positioned?

I am wondering if the light shroud can be removed and reinstalled right side up?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.


Here is the front yard setup:


Thank you for sharing this with the Community, @duehuynh. I’ve checked with our teams and Floodlight Camera Plus installation material, and it looks like you’ve done everything correctly here.

The light positioning is intended to remain this way, and although the longer part of the light shroud is on the bottom, the adjustment capabilities and overhead ceiling mounted position will allow for intended lighting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: