Floodlight Cam offline

I have had the floodlight cam for 3 weeks and it has been working wonderfuly until Sunday. 2 days ago the cam went offline for live view. If you go back through the time line, you can see that it has recorded and you can see that fine. Also in the first small screens where it shows all your cameras in mini view you can see it is working…but black screen in live view. It did go back on line for a few times that I checked yesterday, but is totally out again as of last night and today. Once in awhile it will start to pixelate a picture but barely.

I also have a doorbell 2 …I have had no problem with it at all.

My husbands Cell phone display is the same and also our tablet that has the ring app installed on acts the same way. Any idea of the problem and for sure how do we get it back to normal…Thanks

This may be due to a possible Wifi connection interference. If your device falls offline again, can you please try toggling the lights on via the app? Let us know if they turn on.

If the Floodlight Cam is located a great distance away from the router, or is mounted near the garage, it is common for Wifi signal to struggle depending on router type and speeds.

Ok…it was telling me it was offline…(and of course I was getting the black screen.) When I go to the setting. It shows a green icon of wi-fi above the light picture…If I turn the lights over to the right…the lights do turn on. However, the slider doesn’t turn blue like it normally would if you turn something on…(the motion alert is blue for on…) . If I check the device health settings…all looks good…It says the Floodlight Cam has a solid internet connection, and that it should provide good service in it’s current location. If I go to the System Status, it shows that everything is 100% operational with 100% uptime.

I moved the Chime Pro closer to the light…it has done nothing different.

When I pulled in tonight and opened my car door…the light was buzzing really loud for probably a minute or two.

My problem with all of this is…it worked perfectly for close to 3 weeks.

If I go into motion settings and try to change the motion setting I get an error…void-request failed Cause N/A.

Any more ideas or anything I can try. I am going to try to do a reset…but it won’t be until this weekend before I can get the ladder out and climb up there and see what I can figure out with it…so any ideas will help. Thanks so much.

Thank you for testing that out. The symptoms you’ve included are very helpful for deciding the best next steps. When you have a moment, please reinitiate the Floodlight Cam connection by pressing the setup button, then waiting a couple seconds and pressing the setup button again. This will auto reconnect (re-setup) the Floodlight Cam. Additionally, please also attempt to uninstall and reinstall the App, as well as try on another mobile device if possible.

The humming symptom sounds more physical in nature, in which we would recommend having a professional check the wiring and mounting if this persists.

These steps should optimize the Floodlight Cam’s connection and App performance. If the concerns persist, I recommend contacting our support team to take a closer look :slight_smile:

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I finally was able to get out and climb up the ladder and did a reset on the camera. All went well and everything is working now. Not sure exactly what happened, but not going to question it…It finally works…lol Thanks so much for all of your help!


I installed the battery floodlight cam. Was workin fine for 1 day. Try to live view and spins saying activating device, and then says unable to activate. The WiFi isignal is high as the outside position is optimal for WiFi. This is a vacation home and it just stopped working. Are these devices not robust enough to operate unattended? I can not access the camera since I do not live in the home full time. Earlier today received a notification saying neighbors having trouble activating live view, Ring said issue resolved but my camera does not activate. Again, are these devices not reliable unless you can be there 24\7? Thanks.

I am having the same issue as the other two people. We have a Spotlight Cam that we just installed at our vacation rental about a month ago. Since that time the camera has gone offline about 5 times (twice right after we installed it while we were still at the house). The camera will come back up if you unplug the router and replug it in, but that’s not always easily done when you’re 10 hours from the location. Any suggestions for how to fix this issue?


Hey @Richpalbert and @cloudydrms ! These symptoms sound to be more network related, in which the best first step towards optimal connection is to ensure the signal strength (RSSI) is sufficient for best performance. Check out our Community post on maintaining a good RSSI.

If restarting the router improves connection strength, I recommend checking on the router model and age, or checking in with your Internet Service Provider to ensure your network has the best connection.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: