Floodlight cam not working well

Hi I’ve had my 2 floodlight cams since the spring last year they both have worked fine till winter hit. The one in the front no problems but the one in the back has been crap. Started with the light flashing like crazy when it went on so I had to turn the light off. Now any video that is recorded is crap freezes but you can still hear what’s going on but the images freeze and the disappears. When you hit to go live view won’t connect. It’s only the one cam the other is fine. It gives me notifications and when I check it it says no video found and that happen a lot lately. They where both fine until winter hit and then the back one has been acting up. My wifi is fine it reached up to the garage which past the cam on the deck.

Hi @18cd63b63bf24db659ef041f8e5976. What is the RSSI for the Floodlight Cam that you’re experiencing this concern with? The RSSI is a measure of the strength of the wifi connection that your Camera is receiving, and is a good thing to check first. Additionally, we have various troubleshooting tips and tricks in our Help Center Article here for Live View and video concerns. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: