Floodlight Cam Not Connecting

I have had a floodlight cam and the one in our front is not connecting. It is hard wired and the one in the backyard is fine, as is the stickup and doorbell cam. This one just stopped working. Can’t connect to WiFi at all. I’ve reset to no success and I’ve checked to see if the hard wiring in the front has been disconnected. I have also reset the breakers in that area to no avail.

I’ve completely uninstalled the device and not sure what to do or if I need to request a replacement. Checking here first for any troubleshooting I might be missing.

I originally just had a Doorbell Cam and a Floodlight Cam on my back porch. I installed another Floodlight Cam on my front driveway and occasionally it would disconnect from my wifi & I would have to reset it…it was hard-wired like your cam. My router is located in the center of my home and my Cox Cable wifi is weak in front of my house, so I purchased a Cox Panoramic Wifi Pod 2.0 and plugged it into an electrical outlet in my garage. Under “Device Health” for any Ring device, you can check the “Signal Strength”. It will show a RSSI number like “RSSI-48”. The text itself will be Green, Amber, or Red color to indicate its strength and the number will change, too. My doorbell & front cam are showing RSSI-48, but my backyard cam is showing RSSI-46 right now.

It seems to be recent as I haven’t had floodlight issues since i bought a year ago. I have an extender that is literally next to it with that registering 750mb download/ 500-700 upload all on wifi 6. All my other cameras are fine, no issues.

I reset, reconnect and during setup it sometimes finds it, sometimes it doesn’t and it’s only 10ft away w/o no obstruction to the wifi.

what is really weird is app says offline but i still get motion alerts. So not sure the issue as when it is connected, the signal is green

Hi neighbors. We have this Help Center article with further troubleshooting steps to try for Ring devices disconnecting from your wifi. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.