Floodlight Cam Night Vision no longer works

I’m having same issues! In fact I’ve already switched my doorbell due to constant issues and I’m about had it with the floodlight. It was already swapped out for warranty once about a year ago now can’t see night vision and I’m sure it’s just past warranty and I don’t time have to play there games try this or that and works for maybe a day and does it again from what I’ve read it’s probably the IR light unit that went out. For the price I pay for there products they should last longer then then do.

Hey leecollings

I don’t know if you got your camera fixed or replaced by ring. I had the same problem with the picture turning ping and after a few taps, it returned to normal. This is a weekly process if not daily. I now noticed the IR went off, so I tapped it again and it came on. Hope this information helped. And yes, customer service takes a long time cause they constantly place you on hold and answer other calls.

Good luck