Floodlight cam motion detection VERY inconsistent

Recently my Floodlight Cam has become very inconsistent detecting motion and recording. I also have a doorbell pro and both it and the floodlight cam face my front yard/sidewalk; When it was working properly both cameras would detect motion and record people walking in front of my house. Now when the doorbell detects and records someone walking past, the floodlight cam seems to only detect motion and record about 1/4 of the time. The device health shows a good signal. And when I’ve reviewed the Snapshot Capture it shows people have walked past, yet there was no motion detected or recorded at that time.

Hey @JCS. I’m happy to take a look and help ensure the settings are fine-tuned for optimal motion detection. Can you please attach a screenshot of your Motion Zones for the Floodlight Cam? Also, what RSSI does the Device Health page show? I should be able to make some recommendations once I have this information. :slight_smile: