Floodlight cam motion dectection - lights vs. notifications

My floodight cam on my deck faces my neighbor’s side door and the light comes on whenever he opens his door at night. I’ve adjusted the motion zone to stop at the edge of my property so there are no recordings or notifications, but that seems to not affect the light activity. How can I fix this so he does not think I am spying on him all the time?

Hi @lesmikesell. The motion detection for the lights on the Floodlight Cam will be separate from the motion detection for the recording specifically, so you can adjust the settings to make the lights less sensitive. Check out our Help Center Article here, which details how to control the lights on your Floodlight Cam. You can adjust the motion zones for the lights specifically so they are less sensitive. I hope this does the trick for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I don’t see any way there to make the light motion sensor not extend past the motion alarm area. The area in question is dead center away from the light. It needs to point there for the view I want, but I wish it would not trigger the light when the motion is past my property line. The alarm setting does work the way I want but the light trips frequently anyway.