Floodlight Cam losing blocks of time

I have been aware for a few days now, that I am losing a lot of video feed. Some days a few unlinked minuets, others times hours. Just today, I had contractors out in the back and side yard with me, and neither of my floodlight cameras recorded any of our activity (really wanted to catch this activity for performance nd security reasons. Not to mention insurance reasons. After checking, it showes they went down again (way to often to be considered reliable andtrustworthy). And my backyard floodlight camera light is “flashing” like a strobe light. ? ?

My Doorbell camera didn’t catch any video either though it was supposedly up and running

Hey @RlJ47265, have you reached out to our support team on this concern? If multiple of your devices are not recording events and storing them, and also falling offline, our team can take a look into your devices to see why this happened and how to adjust it so it doesn’t happen again in the future. Please reach out to them here and feel free to share how the experience goes in case you have advice to help neighbors in the future that may have this concern.