Floodlight cam linked event no light


I am having an issue where my floodlight cam isn’t turning on the light whilst recording via a linked event.

I have configured my my doorbell linked event to start the camera recording and turn on the light.

Not that the light works fine if the camera picks up the motion firsts.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is odd to hear of, @rb20552! It sounds like you are doing everything correctly to link your Video Doorbell and Floodlight Camera for both motion to occur and for lights to come on. As a test, please edit this link to only trigger the lights to see if isolating the intended result to one choice will help. While it should not make a difference, it can rule out some factors.

Please also check your Ring app for any other linked devices that might conflict. It’s always a good step to check both your Camera and Doorbell wifi connection, via RSSI, as this will ensure the linked event has optimal signal to complete all commands. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile: