Floodlight Cam lights - turning OFF then ON every 30-45 seconds?

I just installed a new Floodlight Cam light in my backyard. It is a part of a group, with other motion lights. During the day, all seemed fine - but now it is dark, my floodlights keep cycling ON and OFF every 30-45 seconds? There is nothing in the history, indicating any motion was detected. There’s no motion in the yard at all right now. When I do go outside, it does trigger a motion alert (and the associated actions for the group are triggered - turning on all the backyard lights and all this shows in the history as expected).

The question is: why do the floodlights cycle - when nothing is being stored in history? If it were motion - that would show in the history (and does). I shut off the power and reset the device - it still cycles ON and OFF.

The latest firmware is installed. Connection to the bridge is fine too. I am able to see this camera on my website dashboard.

Can you help determine what is going wrong here?

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Hope I can help you save some time. Took me months to resolve. There’s nothing us end users can do. You’ll have to call support and let them put your though their diagnosis process. For me it ended up being a defective unit after a bad firmware update. They sent me a replacement cam under the ring protect plan.

Best of luck.

Hey, neighbors. Changes were made to the way the lights trigger on the Floodlight Cam so that they will come on with every motion event. This is to help prevent missed events for the lights and to ensure there is proper lighting for your video. You can learn more about the expected behavior of your lights with your Floodlight Cam in our Help Center article here .

For further assistance with settings or if this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Ring broke the floodlight cam 2 months ago with a firmware update. Be sure to give a 1 star review on Amazon as ring is aware of this issue and refuse to fix it.

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