Floodlight Cam Lights coming on constantly

Hi. I’ve tried everything I can to stop the lights from coming on randomly every night. I’ve turned each of the 3 zones off over 3 different nights to see if one zone was the problem. I’ve also turned the sensitivity down almost all the way. I feel like if i turn it down any more then it won’t pick up motion in the area I need it most.

Is there any way to just have the lights turn on only if the camera detects motion? The camera detection zone is perfect for me, so I don’t need the larger light detection zone.



Hey @todda2001. While there is not a way to turn off the motion detection for the lights for the Floodlight Cam, you can do some work to control them! I see you’ve already done some testing of your own by changing some in-app settings, but sometimes this can be environmental! If you check out this Ring Help Center Article here, you can see how the range for detecting motion based off of the PIR sensor for the lights is much larger than the camera’s range.

This is to ensure the lights come on before the recording starts so that the quality of who is there is clear. Although, if the heat sensor is being set off, it may be from something directly by or under the Cam. Do you have anything around the camera that could set off the sensor for heat?

Thanks Chelsea. I don’t have any heat sources under or near the camera. I’m not sure what was causing the lights to turn on so often, but I reduced the range even more and also turned off one of the 3 zones. Now the light is not constantly coming on any longer, so I think it’s fixed :slight_smile:


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