Floodlight Cam Lights coming on constantly

Greetings all,

Like others, I found my way here looking for an answer to the “constant on” of the floodlight after dark that just recently started at my location.

Before I get to the point, a little background on the floodlight camera in question. It was ordered directly from ring in May of 2019, and was originally intalled to operate only as a floodlight sensor until I was able to get constant wifi access to its location (October 2019). The firmware shows that it is up to date, and until recently, (10 days or so) it has worked flawlessly.

In an attempt to figure out the issue, I tried the suggested fixes in this thread, as well as putting any devices that have the ring app installed into airplane mode, and yet the issue persists. What I have discovered that works 100% of the time in my situation is to remove the internet access of the floodlight, at which point the light comes on only when it senses motion, as it had done all along. The downside to this obviously is the lack of notifications, but the light does not cycle the “on->off for 5 seconds->on” routine that it recently began doing.

Suspecting someone may have been attempting remote access, I have been monitoring the inbound and outbound network traffic, and yet I can see nothing out of the ordinary.

For anyone still following the thread with the same issue, I would suggest shutting wifi off for the floodlight and see if it stops the issue, and kindly respond back.

I’ve had same issues as mentioned here for about a week, or at least that’s when I’ve noticed the sporadic on and off of two of my flood cams.

Following all the fixes mentioned here, I’ve concluded as it seems the PIR sensor has gone bad/defective as when I turned it down to minimum, the lights only flickered on and off only a few times throughout the night instead of over dozens of times. I’ve had no issues for the past 3.5 months with the sensor turned on to maximum, but all of a sudden it goes haywire? Contacting help is of no use as I was on with the “regular” tech support for an hour as they were no use, and failed to reach the tier 2 on numerous occasions, and finally hung up with a promise I’ll be contacted by them.

It is obvious that the defect exists with this lengthy thread going back a couple of years, so why aren’t you RING updating the firmware, or doing a recall to replace the faulty PIR sensor??? When the led finally burns out, especially for those who maybe out of the warranty period, what the ??? Plausible deniability???

I just installed a floodlight cam and I have the same issue. However, it looks like it happens only when the light has detected some movement and switches on. Then they go off at my set time interval and a couple of seconds come back on again. That happens constantly until I go in and disable motion-activated lights. Then when the lights turn off, I set it back on again. The lights stay off until some motion is detected again and it goes through the same cycle. I have another floodlight cam that I bought earlier from Amazon and that is fine. This one came from Costco and will be going back in a couple of days if it keeps happening.

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I just bought mine from Lowes Sunday and installed today. Light came on tonight when motion detected and has not turned off. We tried all suggestions on this thread with no resolve. New to this and so far we are sorry we ever bought it. Waste of money if the light can nor be used.

I think I’ve found what the problem is that most may have overlooked because we’re so used to going into the light and motion settings section to adjust the devices settings, forgetting about the new LINKED DEVICES feature.

Go to Settings, Linked Devices - You’ll see a question asking what you want other devices to do when they detect motion: ‘Record Event’ or ‘Turn on light’. ( You want to be in the opposing cameras settings that is linked to the offending camera whose light comes on)…Tap on the light icon to turn the light off (if it’s already linked to other camera the light icon will already be yellow) This will stop the other cameras from being linked.

This problem was driving me nuts, front lights turning on when motion detected on garden camera, even when sensors were set to off.

Hopefully this solves your problem:smiley:

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Mine are not linked, so that is not my issue. I did find that by moving the floddlights further from the actual PIR fixed my issue. It seems like the floodlights were triggering the PIR detector and by a little bit of redirecting, my issue stopped.

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Mine is doing the exact same thing! The motion is so sensitive it’s basically useless now. I have to turn off all motion alerts.

Same issue here. I have many floodlights and cameras and this is the only one with the problem.

Same problem here, and it just restarted this autumn. Lights immediately turn on if turned off. Reducing sensitivity increases the time but eventually the lights turn on for no reason. Camera has been installed for over a year. The only solution is to turn off camera completely. There is no wind, no motion, no nearby heat sources. It makes no sense.

I hope this is being worked on. Between this, slow time to connection, and no HomeKit support, I might get rid of all my Ring devices and the monthly subscription.

This is ridiculous.

Yes, I am having the same issue, changed settings and everything, however spotlights just come on every now and then with no apparent reason, driving me mad

Ring doesn’t want to deal with these issues. This is apparently not a security system. It is only for entertainment. My investment in the camera was a complete loss. My motion is set where it NEEDS to be. The light sensor is poorly designed. Ring does not have competent techs.

Ring is either stubborn and will not work to fix this problem or they do not have anyone capable of identifying and fixing the issue. So they provide BS solutions that do not work. Buy my Ring devices was a big mistake.

Hi neighbors! As mentioned prior in this thread, the Floodlight Cam has two methods of motion detection, one to notify and one for lights. The 270 degree field of view for the lights to trigger allows for it to catch approaching heat signatures efficiently. Sometimes this can be triggered too often and settings need to be fine tuned. Check out our help center article on how to best control the lights of your Floodlight Cam.

If altering settings or mounting angle did not improve this functionality, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I just wanted to provide a follow-up to my previous post from 11/23:

I already had my IOT devices on a separate network prior to having issues with the lights, but after I further isolated my ring cameras from the rest of the devices, everything went back to working as it previously had. I’m not sure if a device received a firmware update that was causing conflict, but it has been 2 1/2 weeks without any further issues with my floodlight.

It is disheartening to read of all these issues with the floodlight camera not only on this board but on reddit and other places on the internet. I recently came into the Ring world, having first converted from an Arlo doorbell that rarely worked (I have Arlo outdoor cameras) to a Ring doorbell, and from an ADT alarm system that was costing me $70 per month to a Ring alarm system that costs me $8.33 per month. So for both of those products I am super happy. Most of the system’s shortcomings can be overcome with echo devices (which I already had) or other means. So, perfect?, no!, but for $61 less per month…all is good.

But I need lighting solutions in two places outside, and since I am on the Ring monitoring plan I figured I should take advantage of the Ring lighting solutions. Floodlight camera would be perfect…if only it wasn’t so buggy.

I definitely plan to hold off on any purchase of these until Ring fixes these issues. And that should not be via new version of the light. It should be firmware as it really acts like interference through network or other firmware glitches as a lot of these floodlights seemed to start acting funny around the same time after working welll for months or years. Furthermore, reducing sensitivity to minimum and rendering the device all but useless seems like an invalid and shortsighted approach. One thing I have not heard from any of the social media folks from Ring that post here is a statement that Ring acknowledges this as a problem and is working on a solution. So I am not holding out in hopes of this being fixed anything soon. Shame really…

After spending a lot of time reading up on this problem, messing with the software and settings and generally wasting my precious time, I feel I may have stumbled upon a possible solution.

Although the app has always reported my signal strength to be in the “green” (60) I upgraded my wifi a couple of weekends ago for other issues. Didn’t notice it at first, but the mysterious “false” light activations have now stopped.

The signal strength is not that much better (49-56).

May be something to consider.

I am sure some of the issues on the internet that people are reporting are user errors but given the number of them seems to me to imply there is an issue with the PIR. To say to adjust the settings is no use because that is what we have all tried. There are only a certain number of knobs to tweak and I for one, have tried all of them. To me there is obviously an issue with the sensitivity of the PIR and only being able to adjustance the range of motion is obviously not good enough. Ring doesn’t seem to be bothered to fix it either because they can’t or don’t care.

I have had this light issue for months. Have tried all the settings dozens of times. I also have constant false alarms often 20 to 30 a night. I had the floodlight off at the switch for months but recently turned it back on after updating my wireless network. Same issues. I am going to have to dump ring as the lights are bothering my neighbors and the constant false alarms make this useless as a security device because I just ignore it because 19 out of 20 times there is no motion.

I have 2 sets of Floods with very little problems just installed another flood on my side yard. Every time a vehicle goes either up or down the street my lights come on. Ive turned the sensitivity all the way down and brought motion zones all the way in, yet the car headlights are no where near my floods but yet the lights keep coming on. Why would car headlights turn on floods. Resetting them did nothing still happening. What good is turning sensitivity all the way down and motion way down just to keep lights from constantly coming on. I put them in side yard to make sure nothing is in my fenced yard before I turn my dog out at night. Very frustrating. Now my front floods are doing the same thing. If a car comes up my side street and headlights come up in yard the lights go off. Setting things on people mode is a joke. A little rabbit set mine off.

Installed ring in driveway and lights turn off and on all night. There is no movement or object like an air conditioner that should be enabling the lights. Reading on here that there is no solution, so I will have to switch to conventional flood light.

Makes no sense that conventional flood lights Can do motion detection but ring cannot.