Floodlight cam - length of recordings

Is there a way to adjust recording lengths, following a motion alert. My floodlight cam records just 30 seconds, often not enough.

Good question @PhilMul! Your Floodlight Cam should record for 60 seconds after detecting motion and if unanswered. There is a motion stop feature, but this should still allow for a 60 second recording.

Please ensure there is not a shared user ending the video early, or the event is not being overridden with a live view attempt within 30 seconds of the video starting. I recommend also ensuring the wifi signal strength, or RSSI, is plenty sufficient to deliver a full 60 second video from your Floodlight Cam to your router without timing out or having interference. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Yep, Floodlight cam as a wired only device and records for 60sec by default.