Floodlight cam keeps turning on and off

Thanks for the expert input. I have 3 flood cams only one is acting up where when it initially detects motion, it’ll turn off at the set interval but then turn on again and cycle that way until I shut off the motion light option. Or turn on a porch light that is next to the camera. Only when the porch light is on will the camera cycle off after motion. As if it’s detecting sufficient light already that it doesn’t need to turn on.

Do you think my one camera out of the three got A bad update? My other 2 turn off after motion with no issues.

Two out of three are working as designed? Perhaps if I return the current unit for the second time, I can achieve those same odds. On my last reply, I misspoke while in a rush; there are two motion sensors — not cameras. To add insult to injury, not only do the lights go on/off when they want— when I drive my car in the driveway they don’t come on at all until I’m inside the house.

There is a workaround for those of us who are experiencing problems — buy an additional motion sensor at HD and install it on the top knockout. Wire the lights to the load side of the additional sensor, and put the malfunctioning Ring sensor on the line side. This way your lights will work when there is motion, and you will still have access to the Ring camera. Don’t forget to turn off the ‘Motion Activated Lights’ (the real culprit here). These are not cheap products. Customers shouldn’t have to find workarounds at this price point.

I hope this helps some of those experiencing the same problems everyone else seems to be having.

Similar issues. Device keeps turning on after going off. Firmware updated. Has signal. No motion. Seems to be the same as others that have posted. Hoping for a firmware fix soon. Have tunred lights off for now.

We bought a floodlight cam from Costco in November 2020 and found the light kept getting on and off. We had to go to the Device Settings --> Light Settings, and turned off Motion-Activated Lights and then turned it on after the light got off. But once a motion triggered the light, it went to the same cycle (on and off).

Found this thread… I tried adjusting the light motion detection zone but it didn’t work out. Thought it was the firmware issue but it was up to date… I was very frustrated and disappointed with Ring.

Somehow an idea came up… I went to adjust the angle of the two lights to make them face lower… BOOM! Problem solved!!

Maybe the light sensors are too sensitive? But it can’t explain that adjusting the light motion zone didn’t work. It still remains a myth but mine is working now, at least for last night.

Hope this helps.


I have had to switch my lights off permanently .They were coming on and off all the time at night.

I have the same problem. It happened before and then it just went away and was working for quite a while. Now for the past couple of weeks, as soon as it gets dark, the floodlights go on then off then on and I can’t do a thing about it. I am not sure, but it might be that the last time it happened, I turned my circuit breaker off for a few minutes, then back on. I should try that again. But I will wait until tomorrow because for now, I am trying the light settings adjustment suggested here. if that works, it would be nice.

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Happening right now as I type this message. It keeps turning itself back on for some reason. Less than 5 seconds later I turn it off, it will switch itself back on again. So irritating why it keeps doing this. Happened to me a couple of nights already when I randomly went to check. This is probably what’s been adding up to my electricity bill. Does ring have any technician here in Australia to come on site to check for themselves? That would really help since they dont reply very quickly here.

Hi @kingkoy. Ring does not have technicians that can go to your home to assist with troubleshooting. If the advice in this topic has not been helpful, you can reach out to our support team for further assistance. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I will join the chorus of people having this problem with the lights coming on without motion. My setup is new, installed in Dec 2020. I have two floodlight cameras and they are both coming on randomly at night. I have called Ring support, they have said to try adjusting the lights, but they do not offer advice for what this adjustment should be. I read one post where someone solved the problem by pointing the lights more downward, but then it seems the lights would be less effective for spotting an intruder, which is the purpose. The same is true with shrinking the motion field for the lights. One problem is solved, another is created. There seems to be a fundamental problem with the PIR technology. I was planning to install two more of these cameras, but will now hold off until Ring fixes this issue. I like the other features of the Ring system so will stay with it for awhile longer, but I may need to reconsider this if the light issue is not fixed by spring.

I just installed 10, YES 10 Floodlight cams and have same issues as above… this is not a settings issue, it’s FW. Hoping Ring fixes it soon or they will be getting all my equipment back… floodlights, doorbells & security system. Support is less then stellar, so calling in is not an option as you go round & round…

We have had our unit for almost 2 years- have had to make several adjustments to correct the “random turning on” of the lights in the past. Yesterday the light began going on and off every 10 seconds and we’ve been unable to do anything to correct this. It is currently -14* below (but it’s been that cold for a week now) so hoping :crossed_fingers:this is the reason. Looking at all of the comments previously, sounds like this is not a unique issue though…

I want to add my name to the list of people who are having this problem. I hope someone at Ring tech support is monitoring this forum and realizes that a solution is needed!

Same here. It only started doing this fairly recently. I’ve not changed settings before this. This one is on my back porch. The one on the front of the house works perfectly.

I’ve tried to minimize zones/sensitivity, etc. when the lights come on, they don’t always stay on for the length of time programmed. Maddening!

I also have had this issue since I installed my camera. When I look at my recorded events, even though it is set for people only, flying bugs/moths seem to be the cause of the recordings. It seems like a visous cycle! The bugs trigger the light, causing more bugs to be attracted to the area, causing more triggering of the light… so frustrating :disappointed: I hope they fix it soon!

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Update from my December 2020 post: You gotta call Cust Serv. To resolve. Unit probably defective. They couldn’t push a firmware update

You issue is slightly different than how this thread started. But the light sensor is separate from the camera motion detection. So when there’s a swarm of termites or a gecko lurking around the base of your flood light, it’ll trigger just the flood light constantly, not the camera motion that tells it to record.