Floodlight cam keeps turning on and off

An older version of the firmware had a bug which caused the lights to come on evey 30 minutes. But it was fixed in the latest update.

Your light motion sensor might be overally sensitive. Did you try to turn it way down?

And keep in mind that the light motion detector is separate from the video/camera motion detector.

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Hi CrazyCat.

You may be on to something. I’ve snoozed the motion sensing, but didn’t realize the light sensor is different.

When you suggest turning down the light sensor, do you mean adjusting the distance from max to min?

Out of curiousity, are you suggesting that if I turn the light sensor distance way down, but keep the motion the same, the lights will still go oun with motion? Or does the motion and lights work together? If light motion is set to min, but motion is where it is, if motion is detected, lights will still go on? On the flip side, if lights are set to maximum, is it possible lights could go on, but no recording of data, becasue motion hasn’t been triggered? Just curious. Thank you.


The camera and light motion detection are completely independent of each other (which is bizarre - clearly the camera should trigger the light but it doesn’t). Only upside is that the camera has night vision so still get something - though camera with light turning on is always best.

The light motion detection tends to be a wider area and more sentive than the camera. I suggest you turn it down slightly. Both these sensors are VERY trial and error. I initially put them all on max then slowly tweaked them (reduced sensitivity or area of coverage) each day. Tweak a little, watch it for a couple of days, tweak a little, etc… After about a week of tweaking I got them just right.

Hope this helps


The bulbs cannot be replaced according to ring, but there are enough LEDs things out there now that a simple swap should be able to be done. Now Ring told me there was only one year warranty and they would

give 35pc off a new one. . I found something that said 3-year warranty and called them, after about 1/2 hour discussion they covered it. Mine was about 1 1/2 years old. I received my new one yesterday,. They were very friendly about it. Here’s the link.


Cheers Chris

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have try to tweek the light settings, but right now I turned if all the way down (for now).

When the light does go on, it doesn’t trigger a motion alert on my phone, so it’s definitly a light thing. Too bad they don’t allow you to set light zones, like they do with motion zones, so you can define when to trigger the light.

Did you resovlve the floodlight issue? Getting the same thinng here with floodlight purchased in April 2020. WIll adjust the light sensitivity and try it.

Tweaking the Motion Zones for Lights (under Light Settings) did help. This particular floodlight, is on the side of my house, and I have a vent for my gas fireplace on the side of the house. I’m not sure if the heat coming from that is what was triggering the lights, but when I made the zone smaller, that seemed to help.


Many people are having the same problem, including myself. Hope Ring can fix this bug soon.



My firmware is up to date but I’ve noticed too that my flood lights keep turning on and off. I’ve played with the motion sensors and motion coverage areas, but it doesn’t resolve the problem right away. The flying night bugs may be triggering the motion sensors to trigger the lights.

I’ve noticed that this happened last night June 21, 2020 around 9pm-9:30pm, and it may be the result of the summer soltice daylight periods. After 9:30pm, the problem went away…perhaps it was because of my tinkering with the senors and coverage area for triggering the lights. But this shouldn’t be happening at all. Ring: please fix this bug.


I am having the same issue. Firmware up to date, have tuned down motion sensitivity, reduced light zone to to lower levels, light toggle switch to off, now light zone to minimum. Still pops on about every 30 mins

Hi @dmelideo! Many times when lights are triggering despite minimizing settings, neighbors will find it is due to a heat source in the area. Please check for any HVAC units, vents, exhausts, vehicles, or any source of heat close by that might be triggering these lights. Keep in mind, your lights will also trigger when regular motion is detected. If lights are illuminating every 30 minutes or so, I recommend checking the even history for this camera to see if there is also a motion event recorded this frequently. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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My flood light lamps go on and off with no motion or heat source. I go into settings to turn the lights off. They go off for about 5 seconds and turn themselves back on. I will turn down the light sensitivity and see what happens. Firmware is up to date. Electric bill make me just want to turn the whole thing off!

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Thank you. I had previously checked if our single heat souce was active (dryer vent). There also no movements other than at times a few moths. The lights have goone on without and motion events.

Thank you for the update, neighbors! In addition to checking for heat sources and minimizing light zones, adjusting your normal motion settings and light duration controls can also help. As the Floodlight Camera features a 270 degree field of view, there are times when the lights might trigger due to a heat source such as a vehicle. Even if not in range, a vehicle often has a large heat radius and can trigger motion activated lights.

Check out our help center article about controlling the lights on Floodlight Cams for more tips on fine tuning these settings.

If this concern persists, despite checking the above variables, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with two wired floodlight cams. I have actual turned the motion detection for the lights OFF and they both keep turning on and off all night. No linked devices. Firmware is up to date. Please help!

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I have been following this discussion and am also having these issues. No heat interference, size and sensitivity down to nothing. I even insyalled a new Mesh Wifi system. Set it up again, same thing. Ring doorbell works great. My Spot Light/Camera worked the first few month and now lights turn on and off all night. Complete waste of money.

I’ve read this entire thread, and would like to contribute my experiences with the Ring Floodlight. I’m an electrical contractor and have contacted Ring for customer support several times. The issues everyone is having is due to the engineered design of the product and the firmware available. Also, I replaced my unit twice, believing customer support, that the first unit must be defective. Sorry, not the case at all — the second unit also has a mind of its own, and goes on/off when it likes. Customer support, however friendly, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The redundancy of two cameras is totally unnecessary, and was apparently a rush to market. There’s no setting you can adjust to eliminate the problem without engineering debugging the firmware. If Ring comes up with a solution quickly (within 29 days) , it will eliminate the problem and I won’t return the unit for the second time, and I will retract my comment and endorse the product. Otherwise, stay away. I won’t be installing this product in any of our upcoming projects without a permanent fix.


Thanks for the expert input. I have 3 flood cams only one is acting up where when it initially detects motion, it’ll turn off at the set interval but then turn on again and cycle that way until I shut off the motion light option. Or turn on a porch light that is next to the camera. Only when the porch light is on will the camera cycle off after motion. As if it’s detecting sufficient light already that it doesn’t need to turn on.

Do you think my one camera out of the three got A bad update? My other 2 turn off after motion with no issues.

Two out of three are working as designed? Perhaps if I return the current unit for the second time, I can achieve those same odds. On my last reply, I misspoke while in a rush; there are two motion sensors — not cameras. To add insult to injury, not only do the lights go on/off when they want— when I drive my car in the driveway they don’t come on at all until I’m inside the house.

There is a workaround for those of us who are experiencing problems — buy an additional motion sensor at HD and install it on the top knockout. Wire the lights to the load side of the additional sensor, and put the malfunctioning Ring sensor on the line side. This way your lights will work when there is motion, and you will still have access to the Ring camera. Don’t forget to turn off the ‘Motion Activated Lights’ (the real culprit here). These are not cheap products. Customers shouldn’t have to find workarounds at this price point.

I hope this helps some of those experiencing the same problems everyone else seems to be having.

Similar issues. Device keeps turning on after going off. Firmware updated. Has signal. No motion. Seems to be the same as others that have posted. Hoping for a firmware fix soon. Have tunred lights off for now.