Floodlight cam issues

After the incident last week where videos couldn’t be seen my two floodlight cams seem to be very slow to respond to alerts and connecting to live view. Sometimes even failing to connect to live view. Recorded video from alerts doesn’t capture people until halfway through my custom zone. Also, the little snap shot picture in the app hasn’t changed for days. My video doorbell’s snap shot picture changes every time I go to the app.
I’d rather not have to get up to the two camera to press the button to reset them. Could this be actual device issue, the app, or some kind of back end issue at ring?

This seems like a very odd circumstance. The previous recording concern has been resolved, and it shouldn’t have any affect on live view connection or motion detection accuracy. I recommend reaching out to our support team, as this may require an in depth look for a proper solution :slight_smile:

I just set my device up and already having the delayed connection to live view. Very aggravating. Several, to many seconds and sometimes no connection at all (just locks up spinning saying “activating device”) is by no means a “live view”…its essentially worthless if you are really using the camera for your personal security.

I’ll try restarting my phone and turning power off and back on before contacting customer service about it.

It would be helpful if you came back and told us if your problem was resolved.