Floodlight Cam Issue

During the night one of our floodlight cams lights up for seemingly no reason. Early this morning, about 3:30 AM the floodlights kept coming on every few minutes. This occurred for at least an hour. Checking the videos showed nothing.

I checked all of the settings for this floodlight. It’s set for people only. The motion zone is rather narrow.

What could be activating the ights ?

Hey @madman. Every time the lights were activated, was there a video that went along with it? For the Floodlight Cam, the area that the lights can turn on covers a larger surface area than the video activated by motion area is. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here.

I recommend to play around with your motion zones for the camera’s view and also for the lights as well! This could help eliminate the false alerts. If you have it where there was a video every time the lights turned on, please also give us a share link for this video, as sometimes seems what it happening in the video can help isolate why it keeps getting tripped as well. :slight_smile:

I am having same issue 1-3am alerts one right after another, videos show nothing. I have to get up and shut the power off to the unit. Works fine otherwise. I am tightening up the zones to see if that helps. I have it set on people only so, I should see something. The bugs flying around the floodlight should not set it off, correct?

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Good Day,

No, there were no videos when the floodlight camera lights came on each time.

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