Floodlight Cam installation

Has anyone come across the fact that (I suspect new) Floodlight Cams have wiring (connections) that is totally different to the installation guide? See the attached actual wiring vs guide page.

I have had 2 warranty replacements delivered consecutiveley whose wiring is TOTALLY different to the guide.

Also, apparently, and according to Ring Support today. Ring Floodlight Cams are not customer installable. I have this 1st hand from a conversation with their support team today.

Hi @AllanBehrens. Thank you for sharing that photo to demonstrate what you’re seeing. I’d suggest referencing this video to see if it helps with the installation process. If it doesn’t help you get this sorted, I’d recommend contacting a licensed electrician for installation assistance, as the Floodlight Cam does deal with high-voltage wiring. :slight_smile:

Really Kaitlyn? Did you not read my post and look at the picture? I can’t believe you ring support people! The wiring in both of the replacemnet units (you’ve recently supplied) is completeley, repeat COMPLETELEY different to that of your (printed and video) instructions!

If you will pay for an installer, if they manage to install the unit you supplied (which, by the way has now been returned, yet again, for a unit that will hopefully have correct wiring), then I will reimburse you at the rate I paid for my last installer.

That said, the 2units he installed last were fitted with wiring as per your instruction guides and the video you mention. NOT THE WIRING THAT THE LAST TWO UNITS YOU SUPPLIED HAVE IN THEM.

I have had a response from your CEO Jamie and am looking to speak to someone at HQ now. Maybe that’ll help.