Floodlight cam: how to keep video motion alerts but turn off sound?

Q:Hello, this isn’t covered by the help pages. In the desktop app, my floodlight cam rings at system volume (so quite loud) every time movement is detected. I want the video but NOT the sound but I can’t turn it off. This is only since the last upgrade a week ago. I am talking about the desktop app (Mac), even if I snooze it on the phone it still rings on the computer. Maddening. Any ideas?

Hey @paulinyokohama. From the Devices list on your Mac Ring app, you will need to go under the device (Floodlight Cam), and then turn off motion alerts. This will turn off the alert of the sound every time you have a motion event happen at your cam. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply. However, turning off motion alerts does exactly that, stop all alerts. What I want is video but no sound - so I can see a pop-up window of movement but avoid the tinkling sound. All you need to do is have a separate button to mute application sound. Could you please pass this to the developers?

So I did a bit more research. Seems Windows machines can adjust the volume of each app separately, meaning you can mute Ring but leave the rest of the machine unaffected, but a Mac can’t. I have installed some software called Background Music which does this for me. So, for the moment, problem fixed. But it would be much better for this feature to be included in the Ring app if possible. Looking forward to it down the track.

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@paulinyokohama Big Kudos to you for finding that out! I will definitely make sure to pass on your suggestions to our development team, but I will mark this as the solution for now in case other neighbors need this workaround. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your feedback!