Floodlight cam hot wired

I live in rented house can I put a mains 13amp plug on the Floodlight cam wired plus instead of hot wiring it to my main fuse box?
Will it work ok with a normal plug?
As I am in rented I am not allowed to add to fuse box.
Can I not just add a mains plug?

Hi @Collee. We only recommend installing the Floodlight Cam Wired Plus as described in the installation guide for it. We do not advise installing it any other way. If you’re not comfortable with installing the Camera, we strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician.

As I am in rented house I am not allowed to add anythibg to mains electric fuse box. Can Not just add a plug to the hot wired lead.
I would like the flood like hot wired camera but can not add it to the electric mains under my tenancy agreement, need it on a mains plug.

Hi @Collee. If you are not able to hardwired this device in to your electrical box, I’d suggest one of our plug-in models that use a standard wall outlet, such as this one here.