Floodlight Cam dropping Wifi connection.

Hi, Sure I am not the first but…

I can easily connect my Floodlight Cam to my WiFi but it drops the connection within minutes and I have to start again. Working with EE hub on 2.4Ghz. and I’ve had no problem with my Ring Doorbell. Really strong WiFi signal at site of Floodlight.

It’s doin ma heed in!

Mine too. both floodlights have no wifi and neither does the indoor cam but my doorbell is fine.

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And as per usual ‘Ring’ have given up on me!

I have a stick up cam, power went out and it needs to have the router reset, only problem I am 1000 miles away, so basically screwed, not happy

Hey neighbors! If your Cameras are falling offline, the first best thing to check is you devices’ RSSI. Check out our Community post about good vs poor RSSI for tips on a sufficient signal strength.

If you are using a mesh network, strategic placement of access points will help best to prioritize signal and resources. Otherwise, an extender such as our Chime Pro might help to improve connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: