Floodlight Cam Detecting outside Zone

I got the floodlight cam plus and places it at the front door. Setting up the motion Zone I had expected that it will only detect motion within the custom zones created. However, it does not seem the device (Floodlight Cam plus) is getting the custom zone setting because it constantly getting trigger outside the zone. Which makes me think if the feature is only for marketing scheme to get people buying into the system.? Also whats the point of having this feature if it doesn’t work as it intended.?

I had my custom zone setup towards my drive way and front lawn excluding sidewalks and the road. I even tried testing making the zone as small as possible and still it detects motion outside the zone.

I searched on the topic and it seems this issue is know even with different devices.

What do other people think is the custom motion zone just a marketing scheme or does it actually work.?

Hi @Nozone. How high is your Floodlight Cam Plus mounted? Also, is the bubble on the bottom parallel to the ground? Proper positioning of the Floodlight Cam plays a factor in how well it detects motion.

The Floodlight cam is wires which replaced the old front door light. The power can be tagged with a light switch. The sensor are on at the bottom rotated 180 degree out of the box so the sensor is at the bottom of the cam not the top when installed.

The cam is pointed so that the side walk and road is more than half above the horizontal frame of the image. As the cam is point to the drive way I want to be able to detect other movement on my driveway not just people. However, when setting the zone does nothing for me as it keep notifying me of motion outside the zone specified.

Hi @Nozone. It sounds like the issue you are having is due to improper positioning of the Floodlight Cam. Without knowing how high it is mounted or if the bubble is parallel to the ground, it’s hard to determine if this is the case. Try uploading a picture of how your Floodlight Cam is mounted so the Community can offer advice. This Help Center article here is a good resource for positioning your Floodlight Cam.

If you are still having issues with this after reviewing the Help Center article, you might have to reach out to our support team for the next best steps. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Ok I did other testing with the settings. I turned off the motion detection for Other and only set it to People. With the other motion turn off the notification works and only when someone (People) steps into the zone I get notification, anything outside the zone I do not get notification.

However, when I turn on the motion to detect Others than the zone is no longer matters any passing people or cars outside the zone I get notification.

As for the position of the cam and how high it is mounted:

  1. The cam is approx. 7-8 ft of the ground.

  2. The “bubble” is pointed slightly downward to limit the detection distance according to one of the articles. Keeping horizontal will get greater distance for the sensor. But I want to limit it to the front yard and driveway. Front yard is approx 10-12 ft from the sidewalk.

  3. The cam is also tilted down to capture the front steps and part of the door frame so it is pivoted sideway and not perpendicular to the wall it’s mounted to.

If the sensor “bubble” need to be always horizontal to the ground to make it work properly. Than this does not make sense (not to me anyway) because most of the time the camera would either be needed to be pointed downwards to capture the desires area.?

With this said in my situation pointing the cam down to limit (not maximize) the sensor distance of detection makes perfect sense to me, to help mitigate notification outside the zone.

In addition to the motion notification. I have another issue which I may create a different trend. The issue is regarding schedule and color video during the night time.

Hey @Nozone. Thanks for the updated information. As mentioned in the article I shared, the ideal placement is at 9ft. Mounting the Floodlight Cam lower than this is going to reduce the range of the optimal motion detection zone. Also, the “bubble” on the bottom does need to be parallel to the ground. This is the sensor that the Floodlight Cam uses for Motion Detection. If it is tiled slightly downward, it will even further reduce the Motion Detection zone.

With all of this in mind, these are just recommendations. Adjusting the Floodlight Cam to operate in your specific environment is completely up to you, the owner. Hopefully this information will help you “fine tune” you Floodlight Cam. If you have other Ring Devices, you can always used the Linked Devices option to further dial in your Motion Detection zones. You can also turn off the Color Nightvision settings in the Ring app under the Video Settings menu. I hope this is helpful!

I am not sure if you had advised on any solutions to the problem. However, you did point out the article which I have already knowledge.

Non-the less I thank you for responding to the trend.

Granted the optimum height placement (recommended) 9ft for the max distance of motion detection. However, I would like to do the exact opposite, reduce the Motion detection to the specified zone so I do not get false notification.

What would you recommend to reduce motion notification to only the specified zone.?

I need both People and Other motion turned on.

Is this a known issue with the floodlight cam when turning both People and Other On that the Zone notification no longer function.?

The zone notification does work for ONLY people and when Other motion is turned On the zone no longer function. It looks like an software issue more than hardware unless I got a defective product.

I’m hoping if there is an update that this will solve the issue.

Hi @Nozone. Not a problem. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but proper positioning is crucial to accurate motion detection. As far as the height is concerned, you have a little wiggle room. But with the Motion Detection Bubble on the bottom of the camera, it is paramount to have it horizontal.

I recommend you adjust the bubble to be horizontal, then adjust your Motion Settings. This can be a bit of trial and error to get it dialed in just right. If the camera is angled to achieve a specific view, then I suggest starting with your Motion Settings to where it’s not picking up motion and then slowly make adjustments to where you are getting notifications once the threshold of your Motion Zones is breached.

If you’ve done this and you are still not getting the desired outcome, you can reach out support team and have them go over some troubleshooting in real time to determine if your Floodlight Cam is operating as it should.