Floodlight Cam: delay between alert and video viewing

Why is there such a long delay between receiving an alert, and seeing either the Live View or viewing the video associated with the alert?

Thank you!

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I second this comment. By the time the video finishes processing any activity is usually over. I get the video about the time somebody has already left my property and about reached the sidewalk. Not very useful really. Before you blame it on my internet - I have cable with less than 50 ms latency and extremely fast connection. I regularly have three Netflix vids streaming in various rooms with very rare buffering.

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Hey neighbors! The time between an event occurring and that video being available for viewing will differ based on a few factors. Answering a notification in real-time will result in a live stream of the event which, of course, allows you to view immediately, however, the time this recording is ready for playback will vary by duration of the video.

If an event is not answered in real-time, it will record for the default amount of time for that device model and the recording should be available soon after. Video quality and connection/ processing times can be related to network speeds, signal strength, and even mobile device connection. I recommend also removing the Ring app and reinstalling it to ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I get delays no matter whether I attempt a Live viewing or waiting for the video to process.

Either way, by the time I see what’s gone/going on, the incident may have passed… not happy about this at all!!!

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I have this same problem with the Doorbell 2. I don’t even get a notification until after the event has past. This happens even when I’m at home and the doorbell rings. I can get to the door faster than the video reaches my phone. I have tried going straight to Live View, but by the time the app opens and I select Live View and a video appears, the person at the door has already left. It makes the promise of Live interaction a moot point. Very disappointed.

The latency of your system is unacceptable.

When your company was smaller and your servers were faster, this used to work just fine. It just seems that the bigger you’ve gotten the worse the service. The solution to this for me is to monitor my other security cameras and when the doorbell rings or detects motion, I can look at that camera’s feed and see what’s going on, but I can’t interact in Live View mode because of the unacceptable latency in the Ring system.

I think you’re opening the door to a competitor who can deliver on the promise of Live interaction. That’s the primary purpose of having the doorbell or other cameras. If you can’t interact in real time with whatever is going on, the system is pretty much worthless.

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Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbors. In most cases, any delay in video or notification are going to be related to signal strength and mobile phone connection. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing signal strength.

Once RSSI is optimal for quick connection, we recommend also ensuring the mobile device and app connection is sufficient. Please disable features such as bluetooth and VPN on your mobile device. I recommend also testing video/ notification efficiency with your phone connected to wifi only, and cell data only, to see which connection might be better.

Another great tool for quick connection is the Rapid Ring App, which is designed for the quickest access to live view. If these concerns persist after trying the above steps, the best next step would be to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

I’m still in the Protect Plan trial period and weighing the value of signing up. The processing delay for a motion activated video recording is concerning to me. If I have to wait that long to see what triggered the alarm, and am just relying on live view to make a decision on what to do next, then I’m wondering why should I enroll in the Ring Protect program.

If I walk in the range of my floodlight ring, I receive the jingle notification 30secs later. IMO that’s too long because if someone walks onto my property they will be gone by the time I look out my window.

It has nothing to do with the connectivity of the Wi-Fi my Wi-Fi is very strong and works fine. There is a lag between motion video recordings which should not be there. You miss certain parts of the video that are very important at the time they were occurring. Ring should make it a continuous video recording with no legs in between motion videos. Second count on somethings going on outside. Fix this problem it’s making your cameras and your company look worthless.