Floodlight Cam Coming On All The Time

As far as I can tell I’ve tweaked the settings and I’ve got the slider on minimum but it’s just coming on repeatedly.
Had it for about 3 months and nothing has suddenly changed in the garden, but it appears to have become very over sensitive and I can’t seem to adjust it at all.
I can’t phone Ring or do a live chat at the times they are open, any advice?

Hi @Smokeysmoo. Are you referring to the lights on your Floodlight coming on with motion or is it recording a motion event when there doesn’t appear to be any motion? If it’s the lights, then it’s important to note that you can control the motion detection for these separately from the motion detection for the video. You can read more in our Help Center Article here. Try adjusting those settings and making sure there are no heat sources or reflective surfaces in the Floodlight’s view that may be accidentally triggering it. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, it seems to be just the lights coming on. I’ve messed with the settings and ended up deactivating the lights complety overnight. I’ve just put them back on and I’ll keep an eye on them tonight, then if they’re still acting up I’ll have to call Ring when I can, thanks.

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I find it’s trial and error with the light detection. I’ve had to turn off the left and right side, and reduce the remaining front sensor to around 3/4, I’m guessing because the nearby houses boiler flues.

Just deactivate one side at a time until you discover what is setting it off.

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