Floodlight Cam auto show on Echo show 8

Is it possible to have the ring floodlight cam auto show on Echo Show 8? I can get the doorbell to show (only when someone presses the doorbell) but so far I only get a voiced alert when the floodlight cam detects movement

Check out this post: Automatically display Ring Camera on Echo Show when motion detected - #7 by flyfish


I hope this is of helps to most with the setup and troubleshooting of Alexa Show and ring device, well besides creating (Routines) in the Alexa app.
for allowing Alexa in Show 5, 8, 10 to alert you when motion is detected, see web-link for video set up: Amazon Echo Show Auto Live View On Motion Detection For Ring, Blink, Arlo, & Wyze WIFI Cameras - YouTube

Also I noticed that once devices like, ring DoorBell pro and or FloodLight Pro, were added and link to Alexa app, and created Alexa app. (Routines), there is one more thing that I noticed that needs to be adjusted.

You see I noticed that even though all the settings mentioned above were inputted for both Alexa app and ring app., I’ve seen from testing that sometime, even though (Motion) was detected from either the ring DoorBell Pro or Floodlight Cam, the Alexa Show doesn’t always turn on the (Live View), however I did notice that Alexa does speak at that same moment of showing (Live View), even though Live View didn’t engage.

So I looked into a lot of what people where saying about delete and re-adding these setting mentioned above in order to make it work properly, well I did that with not change, and then I realized something else on the Alexa Show. And that was that each time the (Live View) was supposed to work, the Alexa Show main screen was dark, that got me to realize that maybe
this issue was caused by the fact that the screen was set to (Auto Sleep) after 10mins. so I went into the Alexa Show settings and made the adjustment, and sure enough that fixed that issue, now every time there is motion detected the Show device shows (Live View)

Here is where these Alexa Show settings are found on the device:

From the main screen on the Alexa Show 5. 8, or 10 swipe down from the middle of the screen and do the following:


CLOCK & PHOTO DISPLAY (Then scroll down to find)

AUTO SLEEP (and THEN slide the switch to the off position)

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I was looking for the same thing. I setup the routine like above, works great.
but I think the better solution is to show the photo capture like rich notification since the live view takes about 5 seconds to come up, I usually see nothing from live view. in rich notification, it always capture the object that trigger the motion/human detection.
I am hoping the rich notification will be available on echo show.

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