Floodlight Cam (2nd Gen) Motion Sensor not working at Night

I have a floodlight cam (2nd gen) and the motion recording doesn’t seem to work well at all any longer at night. I’ve tried adjusting/resetting the zone/sensitivity but it’s to the point now to where you have to be right underneath it before it’ll trigger. Only acts like this at night. During the day, it captures all motion even out to the road. Didn’t used to be this way when I first bought it and it seems to be getting worse. Firmware is up to date and health is green. Smart Alerts are off, motion sensitivity is set to max, I’ve reset all the motion zones so now its just one full zone, and I don’t have any schedules setup. Additionally, I leave the floodlight on from Dusk to Dawn.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hi @tidbito. I have a few questions. How high is the Floodlight Cam mounted? Can you upload a screenshot of your Floodlight Cam Live View? This will help the Community determine if there are any adjustments that need to be made to how this is mounted. The Floodlight Cam should be mounted 9 ft. high and the bubble on the bottom of the cam should be parallel to the ground. This Help Center article here has information on how to properly mount your Floodlight Cam.

Tom, thanks for the reply. Here’s a screenshot. It’s mounted in the center of the garage gable, approx 12 feet (give or take an inch or two). During the day, I can get motion all the way to the mailbox. At night, if the floodlights are on, I don’t get any motion past where the side mirrors of the black car (in the screenshot) are. Anything past about where those mirrors are, the motion doesn’t kick on. HOWEVER, if I leave the flood lights off, the motion works all the way out to the mailbox.

Here’s what it looks like at night, with and w/o the floodlight on. With floodlight, it wont detect motion past the side-mirrors of the front vehicles. Without floodlight, it’ll detect anything in the driveway including out in the road to the mailbox across the street.

Hey @tidbito. Thanks for sharing this image. You stated that your camera is mounted about 12 ft. high. As explained in the Help Center article I shared earlier, the ideal mounting height is 9 ft. Mounting the Camera any higher than this will cause sub-optimal motion detection. I suggest moving the camera to 9 ft and adjusting your motion settings. Let me know how this works.

@Tom_Ring – Yeah, unfortunately I read the document you mentioned on proper positioning before I mounted it; and about half-way down the article it states, “Don’t be afraid to mount your Floodlight Cam high. …” so while it does mention 9’ft, it does it in an “at-least” context and doesn’t actually provide a max height. And with the phrase, "Don’t be afraid to mount your Floodlight Cam high. " I was left to assume where I put it would be fine given it covered my POV the best. Might be good for ring to update that recommendation verbiage to be a bit more clear. I’ll work to move it and see if that helps.



Hey @tidbito. You’re right, that verbiage can be perceived differently. I’m going to share this feedback with my team and let them know about this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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I think part of the issue here is the design of the sensors, which have a very limited field of view when the camera is angled downwards (and it makes sense to angle the camera downward, to get more coverage of the ground close to the camera and less of the sky)

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I am experiencing the same problem reported by @tidbito. A specific point was that this worked and now no longer works. I have the same exact problem at night. However, last night, I noticed the light go on, looked out the window and saw a coyote walking though the back yard. I checked Ring and was no video recording of this event. I have had many coyote pass through at night in the past. Daytime, it seems to pick up motion as expected. I tried to trigger it to record me tonight and the Flood cam lights went on but it did not record me either.