Floodlight 2 Alarm Siren Low

The siren used to be loud and great as well as the microphone when i first purchased the ring floodlight. Last week I rang the siren and tried to yell at the intruder that came on my property to rob us and he didn’t even flinch! My sons were home house sitting and i had ti call him to let them both know! I came home from my trip and had my husband test it out and you can only hear it very low if you are standing under the ring floodlight. The sound doesn’t even make it over to my car that is about 8 feet away. Whats the point of the camera if it not to scare away intruders? Is it just made to make my vacation miserable by letting me know “hey… there is an intruder on your property and you cant do anything about it…”?

Same with mine as well. The siren is laughably quiet. The audio for the talk function is louder though on mine. I called Ring CS and they went through some troubleshooting only to send me a replacement. I have yet to hook up the replacement but I fear this is some BS Ring did in firmware because people were complaining it was too loud (one of the dumbest complaints to a security company you can make). If this replacement is as quiet, I will be transitioning away from Ring as the only reason to go with Ring cams at this point (with the shockingly bad and antiquated video quality) is the siren integration.

Hi neighbors. Your Floodlight Cam should absolutely be loud enough to be heard from 8ft away. If you noticed a degradation of the sound output, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


Just wanted to update this- I installed my replacement floodlight and out of the box the siren has lower volume. WHY oh why did Ring think it was a good idea to lower the volume on these? The whole point in going with Ring for my floodlights over competitors which are less expensive with far better video quality was the siren integration (as ring does not offer any external sirens in the US). I would love to see a class action lawsuit over this as Ring falsely advertises the siren to be 105DB. I noticed the listings are starting to remove the DB rating and I’m sure this is the reason.

LOL @SolarEclipse have you ever once sided with anyone besides Ring? I hope they compensate you well.

Yes, I measured it directly in front of the speaker on the camera and it does not break 93db.

Please listen to your customers. I have over $1000 worth of your ring equipment and have a pro subscription with monitoring The siren is now laughable. It was its advertised 100 decibel rating when first bought. It’s no louder than a child’s toy on both my floodlights now. Why did you change it on the firmware? Is it to sell the optional outdoor dedicated siren that’s for sale now? Your customer service is usually excellent. I expect a fix for this to get both my floodlight sirens back to their original volume when I first bought it.



After reading these posts about the siren volume, I tested my floodlight sirens. I noticed that I could not even hear the siren inside my own house–maybe 10-15 ft away from floodlight. So, if I can’t hear it in my own house, there is no way my neighbors or anyone else will hear it…

Why can’t it be at least as loud as an annoying car alarm?

I have the same issue with both of my hardwired floodlight cams. Turned the siren on to prank my wife and she didnt even notice it was so quiet.

A Ring update has definately reduced the volume to the point that the siren is useless.