Floodligh Cam Wired with Motion Activated - LIGHTS DON'T WORK WITH LIGHTS NEARBY?


I just installed the Floodligh Cam Wired Plus w’ Motion Activated dual flood lights security Ring camera. The issue is that the Ring Camera/Lights to the side (10+ feet away) is installed above a garage, but next to existing garage doors are existing coach house lights that are set dusk to dawn. The Ring Camera will NOT turn on the motion activated lights at night UNLESS the coach lights are off and its pitch black outside! The only way it works is to turn off the existing garade wall coach lights. I can’t be the only homeowner in the US with existing outdoor lights (small bulbs) that affects the Ring Cam Motion lights. Does someone have any suggestions before I remove and return and simply go back to simply motion activated flood lights? Ring Technical support has been unable to help …let me know and thanks!

Hi @Kerry_McDonough. The lights on your Floodlight Cam will turn on when motion is detected, assuming it is dark enough outside. If you have other lighting installed around the Floodlight Cam, this will prevent the Floodlight Cam’s lights from turning on as it will not be dark enough.

Hi, thanks…that’s what I thought, is there any settings that reduces the sensitivity of outside light or to ignore and “turn on if motion” with a schedule? If not, maybe that’s an easy feature to write in future upgrades?

Also, I had to figure this out pn my own after a return, and after multiple conversations with Ring support, maybe make note in the support manual?

Let me know and thanks,

PS: I bought this a 2-pack offer from Ring, how do I return and recieve a new box to send it back?? This feature not being avaialble simply won’t work for us