Floodcams lighting strength


I have a Floodlight camera and find it works very well. Due to the shape of my rear garden I am thinking of getting another. :smiley:

My question is what is the Lux rating for the Floodlight camera and the Spotlight camera?

I appreciate the Floodlight is two LED bulbs and the Spotlight has two strip LED bulbs, I need to compare the lighting I would get from each before I purchase another camera.

Thanks in advance


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That sounds lovely, @PJT ! What are you growing in your garden?!

The Floodlight Cam has Two 3000° Kelvin floodlights. I’m looking to confirm for the Spotlight Strips. However, from my experience, the Spotlight Cam may not be as bright as the Floodlight, they are very bright (almost about the same brightness). What exactly are you looking for / what is the are you’re looking to monitor? Happy to go into more detail and help find the best device for you and your home :slight_smile:

Floodcam produces 1800 lumens, whereas spotcam only 300.

Thanks for your help Jennifer

I have decided to purchase the floodlight cams, I couldn’t see the ones with stip lights giving the light expected.

I have a floodlight camera in my back garden, it is great, so another was a no brainer.

Thanks again for your help


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Hi Krisha, thanks for your reply.

You have answered my concerns, the light would not be strong enough, I have purchased another set of Floodcams.

Thanks again for your help, it is really appreciated.


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