Floodcam not recording motion and no live view

I’ve just about had it with ring. For about a 8 days, the floodcam has not recorded any motion or won’t let me see live view. Just keep spinning”activating” it does chime when there is motion but no recording. The WiFi appears good. Device health doesn’t have any flags. I’m at a loss. I have this floodcam and a doorbell and I swear all i do is trouble shoot.

Hi @Prp. A good starting place when troubleshooting any Live View concerns is our Community Post here, which will go over common causes for the Live View to not load so you can start narrowing down what the cause may be. Oftentimes, it can be related to the device’s RSSI, which you can read more about here. The RSSI indicates the signal strength that your Ring is receiving, and a higher RSSI can cause connectivity concerns with the Live View, such as what you’re experiencing. I hope these resources are helpful! :slight_smile: