Flood light

Have 3 flood light cameras, sometimes at night I notice that the lights are on but there was no event recorded. They are connected to 5 chimes but none sounded. The lights will switch off after a minute or so but come back on after a little while. I’ve set people only, reduced motion settings (zones, sentitvity, people mode) but nothing has any effect. Sometimes there is wind moving tree branches near the lights but that doesn’t explain why no event is recorded, just the lights being on. Ideas and suggestions welcome.

Hi @User000. This is a great question. With the Floodlight Cam, there are actually 2 Motion Detectors. One of them is for the Lights, the other is for the Camera. The camera on the Floodlight Cam utilizes our Advanced Motion Detection technology to pick up motion. Whereas the lights of the Floodlight Cam use our Passive Infrared technology. Both of these work together to give you the most accurate records. Like you mentioned, sometimes a branch movement can cause the Lights (Passive Infrared) to go off, but the camera (Advanced Motion Detection) doesn’t record. Rest assured, when an important event occurs, both your lights and camera will be activated to make sure you never miss anything. I hope this information serves you well!