Flood light will not connect at set up

I just installed the floodlight camera and I cannot get it to set up with the wifi. Theres a blinking blue light on the bottom, but I cannot access the ring set up on wifi, anyone else having these issues or have a solution?

Same issue for me. I bought 2.

1 of the 2 setup up without issue.

The 2nd is not producing its own Ring Setup xx network.

Reading through these forums, seems every Ring device has this issue as a common thread. My guess is they use either a crap wifi radio and/or faulty soldering or other manufacturing flaw. I’m going to return my dud for another one.

Spent an hour on support line, tried everything. Eventually they swapped it with a new device and that one worked fine. I have 4 ring devices and so far 2 of them had issues that needed replacement.