Flood light turning on when traffic passes at night,

I have had to put tape over the sensor to prevent passing traffic triggering the flood lights, I have spent hours talking to help over the phone, I have a £70 phone bill after returning a call, I have had one unit replaced and the unit facing the garden at the rear the floodlights are triggered by the furniture covers blowing in the wind. I am about to return the products as they are not fit for purpose and my neighbour is complaining.

@DucknDive If it is a floodlight Cam then set it to only activate the lights when the camera detects people.

yes, I have smart sensor turned on so only detects people, I do not get a notification of detection just flood lights going on and off signalled by passing traffic, I have min sensitivity and detection range just a few feet from the camera. The road is approx 25 feet away.

How do I do this, I can set up to give a notification only with people but it has no affect on the lights.

@DucknDive Sorry I think I am getting mixed up with the spotlight cam. I think that can combine camera based motion with the lights. I dont think the floodlight cam can and uses only the PIR.