Flood Light - Light coming on, ever 30-40 seconds - No movement

I adjusted the Light Motion settings. Light comes on every 30 seconds. Not triggering motion alerts or Video.

Seems like its gone faulty… Any ideas before I take it back!

Okay - Maybe an answer but also a question.

The LIGHT switch in the app settings was on. Does that mean the light will come on with sensor or does that mean LIGHT ON?

Seems like that is a LIGHT ON switch.

Hi @Brumey. That is correct, that toggling the Lights switch on or off in the Ring App will turn the lights on your Floodlight on and off. If you find that the lights are coming on frequently, you may want to look at adjusting the Motion Zones for the lights specifically. You can follow the steps in this Help Center Article to change those settings. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

I found the issue. The Flood light cam was loosing connection to Wi-Fi due to a WiFi channel change earlier in the day. Every time if tried to connect, it put the light on.

All good now.

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