Flood light camera

Hi could some one tell me why my motion detector is going off when in disarmed mode on my flood light camera

Hey @Helen49. We’ve been noticing a concern with device not accepting the Mode settings that are set for the device when in said Mode (Disarm, Home, Away). In the event you notice you are still getting motion alerts when your camera is supposed to have the motion alerts disable, please go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes, and ensure your Floodlight Camera is set for Disarm Mode to have Motion Detection Disabled. Once you have ensured this setting is current, please go back into the Dashboard, tap on another mode such as Home, wait a minute while in this other mode, and go back to the Disarmed mode. Once back in the correct mode, please walk in front of your Floodlight Camera to see if the alert still comes through. Please let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi I have managed to sort it I have to re install the app after I had turned the power supply off seams to be working ok for now

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